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Henan Toli printing and packaging machinery Co., LTD

  Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD. Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., Ltd. belongs to the listed company -- Zhongyuan Dadi Media Co., LTD。

  The company was established on June 21, 2010 with a registered capital of RMB twenty five million yuan。Legal representative: Hou Chengjie。Company address: No. 1, No. 35, Jingbei Second Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhengzhou。At present, there are 20 employees, and it was recognized as a VAT general taxpayer on September 1, 2010。The company consists of printing machinery department, packaging paper department, exhibition trade Department, finance department and other departments。The company's financial accounting is independent。Pre-tax sales of 300 million yuan in 2014。

  Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large and strong printing machinery and packaging paper materials distribution company in the province, serving the printing and light industry packaging industry。Business scope: Sales of all kinds of printed wrapping paper,Printing and packaging machinery;Chemical products;Coal;Steel;Agricultural and sideline products;Automobiles and supplies;Sales of printing machine accessories,安装,维修,调试,Technical service,Exhibition service;Domestic advertising design companies in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system,Actively improve the corporate governance structure,Clear function,Streamline the organization,Elite team,Established lean and efficient,Coordinated and orderly internal management system,A relatively complete capital operation budget has been formed,Business objectives assessment and reward and punishment incentive mechanism。

  The company also established a close cooperative relationship with a number of national key printing materials designated production enterprises, and became its total distribution and general agent in Henan。Sales channels currently mainly serve the printing industry in the province and its surrounding provinces。

  Printing machinery department mainly with Harbin three ring printing and packaging machinery Co., LTD,Changchun printing machinery Co., LTD,Changsha Otto Machinery Co., LTD,Zhejiang Zhengrun Machinery Co., LTD,Hangzhou Kray electromechanical industry Co., LTD,Beiren intelligent equipment Technology Co., LTD,Gauss Graphic Printing System (China) Co., LTD,Hangzhou Kangde new machinery Co., LTD,Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., LTD,Shenzhen precision machinery Co., LTD,Wenzhou Rui Guang machinery Co., LTD,Nakahiro Tamada,Tamada Katsuyo,Yutian Hengfeng,Wenzhou Guangming,Zhejiang Guowang,Zhejiang Dayuan and other more than 40 big,Cooperation between medium-sized manufacturing enterprises。Its extensive business network, good pre-sales, after-sales service, can meet the needs of different types of users, can help users do a good job of technical transformation projects, new printing plant feasibility plan, to provide a complete set of equipment inspection, selection, personnel training and other pre-sales, after-sales service and emergency accessories sales business。

  The wrapping paper department and Nine Dragons Paper industry, Golden Paper industry, Huatai Paper industry, Mountain Eagle Paper industry, Xinya Paper industry and many other paper enterprises have considerable scale cooperation。

  The exhibition and trade department integrates the company's resource advantages,Create the company's own brand "Central Plains land" brand series products,At present, the brand has: office paper series (electrostatic copy paper,Computer printer paper, etc.),Primary and secondary school students work this series,Boutique book this series,Household paper series and other products;At the same time, we are constantly improving and developing other paper products,Products to be developed are thermal sensitive paper,Photo paper and other products。

  The exhibition industry is in the ascendant market。The company has an exhibition center with an exhibition area of 7,000 square meters, 350 standard booths, equipped with cranes and more than 10 loading and unloading equipment, which can meet the needs of a variety of large and medium-sized exhibitions。Since the early 1980s, the "Henan Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition" has been successfully held for more than 50 sessions,Its exhibition brand and influence has always ranked in the forefront of provincial exhibitions,Not only deeply praised by the industry,It has been awarded the "Most Influential Exhibition of the Year" by the Henan Conference and Exhibition Industry Chamber of Commerce for many times.,"Best Brand Exhibition" and other honorary titles。

  Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., LTD., in accordance with modern management methods, has a mature market and sales network and talent and other advantages, specific performance in:

1.Brand advantage

  Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. inherited the old brand advantages of state-owned enterprises of Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD,In Henan Province printing materials sales industry in a higher position,With the official operation of the company,Scientific performance appraisal system and customer credit management system are used,Adopt the distribution mechanism of more work, more pay,Good combination of enterprise assets,Light burden,The characteristics of high efficiency per capita,The influence of enterprises is increasing day by day,Huge potential for development。

2.Regional advantage

  Henan Toli Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone,Adjacent to Longhai Railway,Dongyi Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway,22 km from 4E Xinzheng International Airport,Only 20 minutes by car;2 km from the national first class railway port - Zhengzhou Railway Freight East Station;From Zhengzhou Highway freight Center station 1.5 km;It is 4 kilometers away from the CBD central area of Zhengdong New District, surrounded by Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Longhai Railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Airport Expressway, 107 National Highway and high-speed passenger railway.The economic and technological development zone is planned to build a railway container freight center station, which is convenient for our company to purchase goods in various directions。

3.Advantage of supply

  The customer resources of commodity circulation enterprises are directly related to the survival of enterprises and the speed of capital turnover。The company inherited the customer and supplier resources of Henan Xinhua Materials Group Co., LTD., the lower the price of goods when purchasing, the lower the logistics cost of warehousing, transportation and so on, the more competitive it is in the market。

4.Management advantage

  Henan Toli printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. pays special attention to the construction of the system,In recent years from collectivization,substantialization,corporatization,marketization,Information approach,Vigorously promote the development of a modern enterprise system,A relatively perfect internal management system has been developed,A reasonable corporate governance structure has been established,Improve the efficiency of the company's business decision,Effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and managers,Enhanced the sense of responsibility。The company has a strong sense of reform and innovation,Have a clear mind,Have a quick mind,High sense of responsibility and dedication,Young management team with strong business decision-making and management ability;Have a professional collocation reasonable,Solid professional foundation,A team of practical and hard-working marketing personnel;Have a love business,Be willing to endure hardships,Willing to contribute to the stable staff。After the establishment of the company's business performance to maintain a good growth momentum, is to rely on the cooperation of each member of the above three teams, fully reflects the team spirit and scientific management performance。

  As the state has increased the governance of "energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce energy consumption", it has shut down a large number of seriously polluting papermaking and pulp manufacturing enterprises, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand in the market, and the role of printing materials circulation enterprises has become prominent。In the long run, with the rapid growth of China's economy, the demand for printing materials is strong, and the market prospects for printing materials circulation enterprises are broad。

  "Service to forever" is the company's business purpose, we will follow the "sincere and forever service" business philosophy, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, dedicated to provide the majority of users with quality and satisfactory service!

Company address: No. 35 Jingbei Second Road, Zhengzhou City

Printing Machinery Department:0371-62003026

Exhibition and Trade Department:0371-86636728

Packaging paper Department:0371-86636738

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