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类别 品名 规格
Ink accessory TGS remover  
TPP002 printing liquid desiccant 1x4
TPP-021 Mixing ink oil 3.5x4
TPP-031 Gold printing oil 1X12
TPP-043 adhesive remover 1.5X8
Thinner TPP062 3x4
TPP-096 matting oil 2x5
TPP finish oil 1.5x5
TPP-166 Mixing ink oil 6x1
TPP-212-1 Water-based finishing oil 20x1
TPP-404 White dry oil 2x6
TPP-427 Red dry oil 1x10
TPP-525 anti-skinning agent 1x24
TSP019 Gloss oil 1.5x5
TPP-545 white oil 15x1
TPP-608 anti-friction agent 1.5x5
05-92 Adhesive remover 2x6
6# Mixing ink oil 5x4
Synthetic paper ink POP series synthetic paper inks 1x10
TSP series synthetic paper ink 1x12
TRT resin ink series TRT ink 2x6
TRT ink 2x5
TRT ink 15X1
TCT Series TCT ink 1x10
TGS Series TGS ink 1x12
TGS ink 2x6
TGS ink 15x1
TGS ink 1x10
TK THK series TKTHK ink 1x12
TK TNS series TK TNS ink 1x12
TOW Series TOW ink 200x1
TOW ink 15x1
THW Series THW thermosetting offset rotary ink 200x1
THW thermosetting offset rotary ink 5x4
TNW Series TNW rotary medium speed ink 15X1
TNW book printing ink 200x1

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